Intel Processors Price List in Philippines

Published on June 17th, 2011

You might be looking for prices of the different Intel Processors, from entry level up to the high end processors that Intel has to offer. Check out the table below.


UPDATE: See also How to Build a Budget Gaming Computer – $500 or Php 20K or Less

UPDATE: This article is already way outdated. See the latest price list of processors here.
I manage to gather and made this Intel Processors price list available in the Philippines. These prices are taken from TipidPC sellers who has their own stores located somewhere in Manila. I got the cheapest price I could find out there.

I have categorized them according to their socket type for your convenience. Check the price list below.

Intel processors price list in the Philippines

[table id=3 /]

Intel processor price list

NOTE: The Intel Processors price list above is subject to change without prior notice.

Indeed that Intel processors are a bit expensive compared to AMD processors. AMD Processors are relatively cheaper that’s why most gamers, internet cafe owners and PC enthusiast who have limited budgets or are looking for a cheaper solution prefer AMD processors. However, Intel still holds the record for faster and more efficient processors. Most PC Enthusiast and hardcore overclockers I know prefers Intel Processors. It’s really up to you which processor and platform are you going to use.

Please if you have noticed an error in the model or prices in the table above or would like to update the price list please put your comments below.


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  • Ernest


  • juni umali

    can intel core i3 converted to intel core i5 or i7? beep me up in my email or reply here..
    specs : intel(R) core(TM) i3-2330M 2.20GHz 4gbram 2GB video card.

    • Hi Juni,
      I didn’t actually get your question. Do you mean you want to upgrade from core i3 to core i5 or i7?
      What motherboard are you using right now?

  • Ziel

    How much will it cost if I want to upgrade my desktop?from pentium 4 to core i3?here is the specs Intel p4 2.66 lga 775
    512 mb ram ddr pcr400
    80 gb seagate 7200rpm
    56k internal modem
    Mb775 msi pm8m2-v lga 775 agp via

    • hi ziel
      lga 775 is pretty much phase out now. current intel motherboards are LGA 1155.
      I suggest you get a whole new desktop instead. Just the cpu. It would be impractical to “upgrade” your pentium 4 system. Not to mention you might not be able to find the parts compatible with your motherboard anymore.
      How much is your budget and what is your desktop used for? perhaps I can suggest a new system for you

  • aimee

    HI im using HP Pavillion g6. Can i upgrade this to i5? if yes how much would it cost?

    • Laptop? You can’t upgrade the processor of a laptop. only the memory (usually)

  • Peter

    I got P5KPL-AM EPU motherboard
    with 4GB of RAM ddr2
    current processor is P4 3.06 GHz
    what is the best processor I can get for 6k budget?
    suggestion is welcomed ofc 🙂

    • Hi Peter, you will have to change your motherboard and memory. 6k budget for processor alone, you can get a good processor (mid level), if you go with intel, while you can get an almost high end processor if you go with amd.

      • Peter

        Thanks for the quick response
        If I change the motherboard and memory later on what’s the best processor I can buy with my budget?
        Because I just really want to play League of Legends with better graphics and no hang time during clashes.
        I feel like the only thing I lack is a better processor 🙁

        I’m planning to buy a new desktop anyway but that will have to wait, the old one will be given to my little brother.

        Any Suggestions on a new Desktop? budget not exceeding 25k (for gaming)

        • Hi! what is your budget for the whole CPU (motherboard, cpu, graphics card, memory.. etc)?
          I think you will have to upgrade your unit. And by that I mean assemble a new one.

  • rob

    im a gamer but pls give an idea why everytime im playing high end games like nfs most wanted criterion game, its running slow..?
    my pc specs are..
    intel i3 3.40ghz
    6gb ddr3
    1gb ati videocard
    gigabyte g36 motherboard.
    22 inch sony lcd monitor.
    what should i do?
    most of my games are running smooth like
    modern warfare
    darksiders 2
    black ops
    medal of honor
    battlefield 3.

    thanks in advance.

    • Hi rob!
      Based on your system specs, it’s just not cut out for high end or demanding games like crysis 3.
      If you are experiencing slowness try to adjust the graphics quality and you might need to decrease the settings.
      You might also want to do some maintenance like cleaning your PC, defragmenting, etc.
      What specific ATI videoccard are you using? Perhaps there is a bottleneck in your system somewhere that’s why it’s running slow
      Let me know if anything happens
      By the way, I’ll be publishing a guide/article on building a entry level (budget) gaming pc, to midstream, to high end, to the ultimate gaming pc.

  • roan

    Jeff, is dual core compatible for Windows 8? thanks for your help.

    • Yes, what specific dual core processor is your preference?

      • roan

        Jeff, any dual core that you can suggest, hopefully a cheaper but also good one. for gaming and social network use. thanks.

        • Go for Intel Core i5 series. Core i3 has dual core but they are not good when it comes to gaming. It might bottleneck your graphics card. If you are overclocking go for i5-3570K (ivy bridge), the previous generation i5-2500k sandy bridge is also good. by the way, what platform are you on? You system must be compatible and are in “harmony” with your other components. What’s your budget?

          By the way, I’ll update this list and also include a list for graphics card, memory and motherboard and other gaming peripherals. Just to keep the public informed at the street price and avoid stores who over price the items.

  • Ej

    Hi I am a gamer
    what processor is better for gaming intel i3 or i5?

    my specs:
    pr-intel dualcore G630 @ 2.7 GHZ
    mb-Gigabyte ultradurable 4 classic
    vc-inno 3d(nvidia)geforce gt630 1gb 128bit ddr3
    ram-4gb patriot(1x)

    • Of course i5 (quad core), but you will have to upgrade your whole system to make it compatible and avoid bottleneck.
      Try getting GTX 650 Ti or similar (or higher) if you have the budget.

  • jl

    Hi jeff, i am a newbie in terms of assembling cpu. Can you please give me a cpu specs for gaming… Hope you could provide specs for 15k and 20k budget and their differnce… Thanks a lot…

    • Hi John. I’ll publish an article later regarding a budget gaming cpu. Stay tune!

  • jl

    Hi Jeff,

    My friend told me that since I will invest on a desktop computer, I should go for the mid-high end ones, so I am planning to have if possible around 20k and 30k cpu budget, hope you could advise me on the specs and the difference. Also, I would like to know if it is upgradable. Is this budget sufficient for i5 as processor? Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help.

    • Hi JL!
      It depends on the primary function of your desktop computer. 30K is a good budget already. But for what purpose? Core i5 is also a good processor. The Quad core i5 that is (Intel Core i5 3570K).
      I’ll publish an article later regarding building a budget friendly desktop, mid range and high end.

  • maan888


  • jl

    Hi jeff, sorry for the late reply, i intend gaming specd for 20k or 30k budget… Please advise.
    . Thnnx in advance

  • Dustin

    Hi im a FPS GAMER

    can u send me specs for best gaming PC and budget ?? thanks a lot

  • rom

    jeff; i am planning to build a GPU with core i5 3570.. pls help me how to over clocked it and what is the best video card (if needed to buy)…since i am away from the philippines for over 5 years.. pls tell me where to buy and what is the good but cheap monitor?LCD/LED?

    • Hi Rom! Hope you can read my reply.
      Can you please email me at jeff [at] whatswithjeff [dot] com and indicate the current specifications of your computer?
      How much is your budget for your video card or your gaming rig?
      And where are you now? US?

  • Jeffry

    Hi can someone help me. Im looking for processor that will fit to GeForce GTX 660 (non-TI), I prefer i3 because it is cheaper, However I don’t know if this can maximize the full potential of this Video card, If this processor is enough what MoBo do i need to buy to mount GTX660 (non-Ti)

    “Im building my own cuztomize gaming PC”

    • Get a quad core Intel Core i5-3570K or Intel Core i7-3770K. But I would suggest you get a GTX 660 Ti even if its Palit or Inno3d (cheaper brands) since 660 Ti is better than 660.

  • benchkadafi

    sir what is the best spec for gaming desktop pc, for my 30k budjet. coz i want to play all ncsoft games. thankz.

  • benchkadafi

    sir, what is the best specs, for gaming desktop pc. in my 30,000 budjet to buy my custom pc? i want to play any ncsoft games. plz help me.

    • Sir check this article:
      Since your budget is higher, I would suggest you invest in a Quad core processor, Core i7 Ivy Bridge or Core i5 haswell is good.
      Then get mid range graphics card. GTX 660 ot GTX 660 Ti or their AMD Radeon counterpart would be good.

  • brian villabito

    sir, what is the best budget processor and my budget is 2k

    • Hi Brian. sorry but this article is already out dated. For Intel that would be the Intel Pentium Anniv Processor. It’s overclockable and cheap as well.

  • Sebastian Ocampo

    Hi, Im planning to sell a Intel Xeon E5645 2.40GHz processor what could be the reasonable price for this processor (its already used)?

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