AMD A-Series “Llano” fastest integrated graphics solution to date

AMD A-Series “Llano” breaks IGP Performance Records

AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit is built with a Radeon HD6550D graphics core that has 400 stream processors and supports DirectX 11. The A-Series APU was concluded to be the fastest integrated graphics solution to date after a test run conducted by a forum member of TweakTown was made.


The hardwares used in the A Series APU benchmarking were as follows:
CPU: AMD A8-3850 APU @ 2.90Ghz (4 x86-64 cores)
IGP: Radeon HD 6550D @ 600MHz
RAM: Standard DDR3-1333 MHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte A75M-UD2H

GIGABYTE_A75M-UD2H - AMD APU benchmark

During the AMD A8-3850 benchmark, the CPU cores were overclocked to 3.773GHz with a configuration of 145.13MHz x 26.0 (multiplier) and a core voltage of 1.52V.

The said A8-3950 benchmark was tested on 3DMark benchmark, testing DirectX 9.0c, DirectX10 and DirectX 11.

Results of AMD A8-3850 benchmark were as follows:
3DMark 06 Score – 10,492 points
3DMark Vantage Score – P6160
3DMark 11 Score – P1591

Check out the screenshots below for more information during the A-Series Llano A8-3850 benchmarking. Click on image for larger view.

AMD A8-3850 3DMark06 benchmark AMD A8-3850 3DMark11 benchmark AMD A8-3850 3DMark-vantage benchmark

Source: AMD A-Series APU Smashes IGP Performance Records…Surprise

Will AMD have finally an edge or advantage over Intel’s Sandy Bridge?

I think the A Series is very interesting and could give a better option with lesser price compared to Intel’s Sandy Bridge Lineup LGA 1155. However we could not conclude yet as how the A Series and the Bulldozer of AMD will fair with Intel’s Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E processors.

We are still waiting for more Benchmarks for the Bulldozer and other Llano processors. And I think most are eager to see the results of Bulldozer vs Sandy Bridge processors.



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