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Bleach 525: Edges (Released)

Bleach 525 is the next episode of Bleach manga series. Last chapter we saw two blood thirsty shinigamis fighting each other. One trying to teach the other one, while the other trying to keep alive. Will Unohana die? Will Zaraki learn the art of fighting? And what is Unohana’s sin? Find out in Bleach chapter 525.


UPDATE: Check out my Bleach 525 Review
UPDATE: Bleach 525 is now available! This chapter is entitled “Edges”. Unohana will be pushing Zaraki to his edge to bring back his hidden powers. After all, Zaraki is more powerful than Unohana.

bleach 524 review and discussionImage credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist XxAlessioxX


Bleach 525 Prediction

The fight between Unohana and Zaraki is epic! But it seems that Zaraki likes to be cut more than cutting his opponent. ^_^ Anyway, his opponent (a.k.a his trainer) is a Kenpachi and one of the strongest Shinigami. So it’s expected that this will be a difficult battle for Zaraki.

There are things that bugs me about this fight:
1. Will Unohana Die?
Well honestly I’m not really sure. According to the new Captain Commander Kyouraku, somebody has to die. And there is always the possibility that Unohana might die after this battle. But I’m still hoping that she won’t have to. Hey, Byakuya, who we all thought is going to die, didn’t die at all.

2. Is Kenpachi is Saiyan?
Well, remember the scene where Unohana stab Zaraki’s throat? I’m not sure if that happened or not, but according to Unohana, Zaraki has to experience near death to become more powerful. Sounds like a Saiyan.

3. Will Zaraki really learn the art of fighting after this battle?
Learning the art of fighting, like any other martial arts, will take time to learn. Weeks, months or even years. And Zaraki has to learn it will just one fight with Unohana? That’s crazy. What will he learn after this battle?

4. What is Unohana’s Sin?
Unohana mentioned that it has something to do with Zaraki, her sin. What could it be? My guess is Unohana may have done something with Zaraki’s body that’s why he needs to experience near death to become stronger.

But my other theory, a close to reality theory, is that Unohana might have encountered Zaraki before, when he was still not a vicious killer, or on a later date. She might be the reason why Zaraki is a monster right now. Or she might be the one who left the scar on Zaraki’s eye (I’m not really sure with this one).

Anyway, what do you think guys?

Bleach 525 Spoiler

Bleach 525 spoiler will be posted in this section if ever a confirmed Bleach 525 spoiler will be released or leaked, usually 1 day before the chapter is released.

I’ll post update asap, once spoilers are available or when Bleach chapter 525 is available. Stay tuned!

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5 responses to “Bleach 525: Edges (Released)”

  1. it’s already been pointed out that Unohana was the one responsible for Zaraki’s scar and Zaraki was responsible for Unohana’s also answering the question whether they’ve crossed blades before. as for Unohana’s sin i’m pretty sure the two have a deeper relationship. remember that we don’t really know what Zaraki’s real name is.

    1. Thanks for clearing some things out. ^_^

  2. I feel like it’s got something to do with her almost killing her opponents and then quickly healing them without them knowing and repeating, and that’s what she’s doing now.
    That’s what I beleive her sin is and the reason that kyoraku says that someone will die. Also why Yamamoto chose her to be the captain of the fourth division.
    But I’m probably wrong haha

  3. What an awesome fight! This is the best since I high ichigo achieved despair against ulquiorra. Unohana referred to as a high up healer, is in her bones a killer, an even worse monster than kenpachi. In search of finding a true warrior she would murder someone thousands of times and resurrect them? While fighting that person. Fricken awesome. Some impatient people will be disappointed by not seeing their orange haired buddy, but what a neat story!

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